Strength Finder Is Reading My Mind.

They’re reading my mind! By Viv Woodley

I’ll be honest with you, I approached Strengths Finder 2.0 with a groan and a big pinch of salt. Having worked in corporate companies for 15 years I’ve come across a lot of personality tests that promise to uncover your depths and then change your life –TKI, Myers Briggs, Kahler’s Motivational Drivers –  so I expected another broad brush personality outline that’s about as accurate as star signs. However, the results are at the very least spooky and at best, one of the smartest management tools around


The Problem With Tech Start Up Culture

Say ‘technology start up’ – and what image springs to mind? Be honest. You’re thinking of bright college graduates in an open plan warehouse office with the wacky logo in reception. Complete with squashy bean bags, table football, sweatshirts and stock options. This is now as much business cliche as the investment banker with braces, the ad-executive with funky glasses or the architect in black roll neck pullover.