The Drive Bootcamp Programme is designed for entrepreneurs, high potential managers and business leaders who are expected to take on leadership, business development and creative challenges, with substantial personal responsibilities. This intensive programme combines 121 coaching and mentoring with focused group work to help build the leadership behaviour needed to drive the performance improvement in oneself, in others and in the organisation.

The Drive Bootcamp focuses upon three specific phases, the gears of personal progress:

  1. Reactive Phase: improving the reaction to immediate leadership and management challenges
  2. Proactive Phase: understanding self-performance, skills and responsibilities
  3. Autonomous Phase: continuous driving of performance improvement in oneself, team and organisation.

On completing this programme you will:

  1. Understand the phases involved in Leadership Drive; Reactivity > Proactivity > Autonomy
  2. Appreciate the importance of personal influence, focus and self-management
  3. Apply simple tools and processes to improve; concentration, health and stress-management
  4. Improve the management of high value internal and external relationships
  5. Plan for building improvement in oneself, teams and the organisation
  6. Develop business planning skills and business development capabilities

Dates and prices of two-day Drive Bootcamp Programme available on request.


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