For managers and entrepreneurs to sharpen their leadership, planning and business development skills. The NBA Programme provides a short intense immersion into the ‘Core Essentials’ of business management; the important Know-What and Know-How, vital for anyone who is looking to build their career in business management, innovation or entrepreneurship.

Key themes of the four-week programme are; business insights and thinking, personal skills, innovation, marketing, finance and planning.

The series of workshops are delivered in an ‘espresso style’; meaning shorter (2 hours) intense sessions, to allow people to fit their NBA study experience around holidays, work and family commitments.

On completing this programme you will:

  1. Understand the current trends, opportunities and needs of business & industry
  2. Appreciate the importance of self-management, creativity, leadership and communications
  3. Apply professional business analysis tools and thinking to a business and market opportunity
  4. Develop practical business plans, and understand key financial and marketing concepts
  5. Take Away personal insights, action plans, tools and ideas for future business careers.

Eight short, sharp workshops over four weeks, for just £550


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