Designed for prospective and early stage entrepreneurs and SME business owners the Ignition Entrepreneur Programme provides a short, intense series of business and personal development workshops designed to ‘ignite’ participant’s knowledge, confidence and skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, small business management and personal growth.

It is suitable both for those who are starting up a new business or have ambitions to be self-employed, as well as for existing business owners who now wish to build improved planning and business processes into their entrepreneurial activities.

Key themes of this programme are: personal vision and motivation, business concept and ideation, market analysis, business model creation, business planning and finally – execution and personal action plans to take away. The importance of personal networks, relationships and collaboration is emphasised.

The programme is delivered using the ABEI ‘espresso approach’ – a learning and coaching style based upon using shorter and more interactive sessions alongside take away activities to ensure engagement, focus and progress.

On completing this programme you will:

  1. Understand your own drive, business interests, skills and entrepreneurial motivations
  2. Develop business concepts & models, research a market and explore commercial opportunities
  3. Create simple tests and initial minimum viable products
  4. Develop a practical business plan that considers issues of leadership, marketing, finance and technology
  5. Take Away – a plan of action to successfully launch or speed up growth of your business

Eight short, sharp workshops over four weeks, for just £550


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