The Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ABEI) makes practical business education available to you; locally, cost-effectively and quickly.

We do this by working with local college and organisational partners, running core skill short-course business programmes – all delivered by experienced executives, entrepreneurs, coaches and tutors. And, if you need a tailored in-house programme for your organisation, we can do that too. To find out more, please contact us.



ABEI Programmes are designed for ambitious and busy people. Traditional business training and education can often be too slow, too boring and too bloated. We run our courses locally, outside of normal business hours, over four to eight workshop sessions, lasting 90-120 minutes each.

We believe that the best way to learn is with focused workshops, led by experienced tutors, with content that stimulates rather than puts you to sleep.  Or, as we say, it is training ‘with less fudge – and more espresso’.

We use a mix of teaching methods including; seminar presentations, team scenario exercises and take-away projects for participants to work on in-between classes

All ABEI trainers and facilitators are experienced business executives, trainers, educators and coaches.



ABEI provides bespoke management services including; training, coaching and leadership programmes to help organisations maximise their human potential.

We offer a full management consulting service, providing advice and guidance to help you scope and deliver an in-house personal development or training programme, built upon the experience and processes we have built in a range of environments,

This can be delivered at your premises and designed to work around existing projects or work schedules so as to avoid too much disruption to day to day business.

In addition, we can build 121 coaching and mentoring initiatives to help your team to drive their own careers and development, enhancing their reactive and proactive capabilities and confidence.

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